The unhelpful Internet

Image by: kirk lau

I have learned a several interesting lessons about the Internet since Jon and I found out we are expecting twins. The most important of them, is that the Internet is filled with FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and the second is that the Internet caters primarily for those that follow the norm.

I will tackle the second lesson first, since it only really warrants a few short paragraphs to explain, it also leads nicely into my first lesson.

Back in the day, when I was just a wee schoolgirl taking to the Internet for the first time, I was amazed that most of the information out there really catered for everyone. It was about niche groups discussing interesting topics. There were message boards and IRC chatrooms dedicated to just about any topic under the sun.

But as more people came to the Internet and more businesses started to cash in on the technology, the “true” information base has shrunk. Searching for a Web site that details the development of twins in the womb is hard to find, and when you do find it, it only gives you half the information. But ask Google to find you a singleton pregnancy Web site and you are flooded by them; all sporting details on pregnancy and baby development.

And that brings us to my second lesson. You see, instead of information, what you are more likely to find, are pages and pages and more pages of fear or uncertainty.

If you search the net for anything regarding twin pregnancy you will most likely hit on several sites detailing vanishing twin syndrome, or information about maternal death during twin birth, or you may find hundreds of pages of parents detailing sad tales of twin miscarriage.

As a first time mother-to-be, I must tell you that finding all this information has been highly disconcerting. I spent the first few weeks of my pregnancy terrified of what could happen.

The funny thing is, the scary information about what can happen during a twin pregnancy is not only on the Internet, it’s everywhere. Some of the friends I told about my twins didn’t even congratulate me – instead they looked at me with pity and said: “It always starts out as twins. Be prepared for the worst.”

And while yes, from week 5 to week 7 we had a little hiccup, our pregnancy has been particularly healthy from start to finish. So why all the fear? I am sure there are thousands of women who carry twins to term.

At least one member of my extended family, who had twins through IVF, carried her two babies to a full forty weeks.

The fact is, that there are too few women who have healthy twin pregnancies that talk about it. Jon and I decided a few weeks ago that we would try to correct that. We want to provide as much comprehensive information to people out there as possible, that doesn’t include the fear information.

So if you have had a healthy twin pregnancy, or if you know people who have, please feel free to comment on things that you found interesting during your pregnancy (that includes places you bought gear and shortcuts you took leading up to the arrival of your little ones) so that we can add it to our blog.


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