Week 14 update

Official 14-week belly, and yes it just looks fat to me 😛

It constantly amazes me that I have two tiny babies growing inside me. This week they are each supposed to measure almost 9cm from crown to rump, more than double what they measured a month ago. Next week they are supposed to measure 10cm.

Of course that information comes from sites measuring singleton babies at this point in pregnancy, but so far, our twins have measured up to the average – I will make a note of their size next week to see if they do grow at the same pace as singletons.

I have become obsessed with my belly and what it looks like. I check at every moment I can to see if anything has changed. And changed it has – I measured it around the waist last week and came in at 94cm. This week I am measuring 98cm, a full 4cm growth. Most women would cry.

I have also finally graduated to some maternity gear. I can’t believe how expensive the stuff is. Last week, I bought a pair of maternity jeans from woolies at a whopping R400. I was not happy to pay out, but what choice did I really have. Later that day I saw a women in the change rooms carrying a pair of pants that looked like maternity pants to me and asked her where she found them. She pointed me to the sporty swimwear section where I found them (billed as sports pants and not maternity pants) and they cost a more realistic R225. I can’t believe how people rip you off the minute you need something.

This week has been a little hard on me, the rushing around for Christmas and seeing everyone in the measly 2 days off I had this year, really took its toll on me. I was doing my regular swim the other day at the gym and after one length it felt like my heart was about to come out my chest, coupled with the terrible swelling I have had in the last few days made me really concerned.

After speaking to the doctor about my blood pressure and swelling I have been told in no uncertain terms to take it easy. I sometimes have to remember that twin pregnancies are always higher risk pregnancies.

It makes me more eager to see our babies at the scheduled scan next week. But I think I feel this way before every scan, slightly nervous and desperate to know everything is ok.

I am also hoping that our scan next week brings me a late birthday pressie, although I must admit, I doubt it will happen. I am hoping the 15-week scan will reveal our babies sexes. Doctor has been very conservative and told us we will really only know at week 18, which means we would only find out at week 20 if our monthly visits are anything to go by. But maybe the universe will kick off my year with a bang.


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