Week 15 and 16 update

Official week 16 twin belly

While browsing Facebook, I hit on posts by several friends whose children started their first day in grade 1 yesterday. They posted photos of proud children in school uniform parading in car parks getting ready to begin their lives.

I was proud for those friends, because I could feel how I would feel on the day our twins make it to their first day of school. Until yesterday, I had never dreamed of what that day would be like, even though I have wanted children for a long time.

I have so many new dreams now, dreams for the future of our twins, and hopes for lives I haven’t even met in the flesh yet.

Our minions are now 16 weeks into gestation, just two weeks shy of what I hope will be the halfway point. What an incredible milestone.

Last week, we had our monthly scan at the doctor’s office to learn that at least one of the twins is – wait for it – a BOY! The other is also probably a boy, but neither Jon nor I are completely convinced of that.

As usual, the scans took my breath away. Those tiny beings, swimming (not so gently) around in me, they make me filled with awe and wonder.

Baby B (left)

Baby A (right)

The minions measured in at 9cm each, roughly the same size as singleton babies at the same point. My tummy grew another 2cm by the time of the scan, topping 100cm around the waist. I haven’t grown much in the week, but I am sure the babies have, well at least a little.

Our next scan is at the end of the month, and we are likely to confirm the gender of the second baby.

I am still obsessed with my belly and its growth, but there is no mistaking that I am now pregnant and not simply getting fat.

But I have another obsession now. I lie awake until all hours of the night hoping to feel any tiny flutter of movement from the babies. I think I felt something in my groggy early morning state today. A tiny feeling akin to popping bubbles – but I can’t be sure – it may simply be my mind trying to compensate for my desire.

Time has come to start thinking about names for our little ones, and so far, our quest has been less than successful. I know that we will give at least one of them the second name Peter, after my father, who passed away last year.

Official week 16 twin belly

Our twins may never get to meet him, but they will know his legacy and kindness and I want that to continue in the name.

Any suggestions for names would be most welcome – so please leave your suggestions in the comments box.

So far, my favourite is Dillon – but obviously – I need more than one.

The other thing I want to start doing now, is getting better (and more interesting) shots of my belly – ideas again are welcome.

Will catch up next week, hopefully with some news of movement.


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