Purchasing power or powerful purchasing

Jon looking super cool with his final creation

Jon and I have started the hunt for super awesome baby items to go with our super awesome babies for when they arrive.

There are very few shops locally that provide stuff for twins, and so we have turned our attention to online offerings. Over the last few months, we have been researching one of our larger purchases, the twin pram.

I have read countless blogs, articles and reviews on hundreds of different strollers. I have ruled out side-by-side prams for their impractical size, I have read about tandem strollers for children of different ages, and I have watched review videos on YouTube till I finally found the pram I wanted. The Kolcraft Contours Tandem.

It does everything I want – its light (well relatively) it faces all directions, and takes two infant car seats.

The trouble is, the pram is not available in SA and needs to be imported. Not a train smash for geeks like Jon and I, since a little online shopping and a credit card isn’t exactly rocket science.

But what we really have come to realise is that the online shopping market in SA is a joke.

WantItAll screenie

I started where most people start with online shopping in SA, WantItAll, who would bring in the pram for a R7 400. Now, from what I have read, this is pretty much the going rate for a twin pram, so initially I wasn’t all that surprised. To get a second car seat though, we needed to get an additional adapter, which would cost another R600 and I am not at all sure that any of this includes shipping.

After a little more research, we hit on a far cheaper option and a specialist online baby store called Posh Baby. There its R4 999, quite a chunk cheaper than WantItAll, but you can’t get the adapter for the second car seat.

Posh Baby screenie

Both WantItAll and Posh baby have outrageous delivery times – anywhere between 13 and 20 days.

Finally, because we are nothing if not thorough, we decided to check on Amazon. To our surprise, the pram was available from Amazon for $300 odd, about R2 500 in rand terms. While I can’t have the adapter shipped to SA for some bazaar reason, it is available on eBay for shipping to SA, which Jon’s sister will do from the UK and we will pick it up when we visit there later this year.

So we decided to go with Amazon – I put the purchase of the pram in on Friday last week and it arrived at my doorstep this morning.

SA customs took ages

All this makes me think that the online shopping arena in SA has no chance of survival. It’s cheaper and faster for me to order something from the US, than it is to buy something on an SA online store.

Luckily we are online shopping savvy and we got to spend a good part of our afternoon putting the pram together (well – Jon put it together and I supervised) and taking it for a test run. I must say, the research has paid off and we Love the pram.

It will take some getting used to, because its longer than I expected, but Jon tells me its like driving a truck: “Go farther forward than you would expect to because it turns in the front.”

Jon getting his back into it

Me test driving my new Ferrari


One response to “Purchasing power or powerful purchasing

  1. “Oh god I look like a redneck.”

    “Better and better. Now I’m a truck-drivin’ redneck.”

    Yee haw.

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