Week 19 – AKA – “learning to breathe”

Two heads in one shot!

So last week, I had a little bit of a cadenza. Most people I know don’t understand why I worry so much. Trouble is there seems to be quite a lot to worry about these days.

But I have made a conscious choice to try stop worrying and all of one day after this resolution and I am feeling good.

Granted, this week has been something of a breakthrough week for me, and things that have been on the burner for ages seem to have started rolling forward.

We started our bathroom renovations on Monday, and while it’s only been a few days of work so far, I am really impressed with our builder so far – he has been impeccably neat. Getting the bathroom complete is one step towards selling the flat and getting a bigger place to live – so getting that on the go is almost as rewarding as an entire bucket of choc chip ice cream (with none of the calories).

Quite creepy bathing in there now with holes under the bath (just waiting for the hand to come out and terrify me)

We also discovered the source of our rising damp, which has been plaguing the place for an age now. It is a leaky pipe within the wall of the place, a problem the contractor says is easy to fix, and will save us having to rip out the bath and have a new one put in at extra cost.

And how is that, our contractor telling us he doesn’t have to do something that would make him more money in the end. (So far) if anyone is looking for someone to do bathroom (or home) work for them, drop me a line, I will give you this guy’s number.

We also had our 19-week scan yesterday and once again doctor practically shoed us out his office saying that everything with our pregnancy is perfect. Mom and babies are in good health.

I haven’t done a “track the babies growth” update for a while, so I will do one now. Babies are roughly 13cm from crown to rump, and probably (judging from the leg measurements) about 25cm from crown to toe (but all curled up thank heavens).

On most singleton baby sites, they measure babies now from head to toe, and not to bum, which our doctor is still doing with the twins. But it looks about on track with singleton babies. Our minions weigh in at bout 280g each, which seems a little above average when compared to singleton pregnancies  – could be that I am reading the wrong sites, or it could be that we will have two very chubby boys on our hands.

Interestingly, for the first time, doctor has mentioned whether their rate of growth is normal or not. And he says they are growing a little above average. Of course in the moment, I didn’t ask whether it was their weight or length (or both) that was above average.

We also discovered that the babies can change places inside the womb, which I didn’t think was possible. Where they were on the left and right last time, they are now one above the other (like layer cake) inside. I was wondering why I started to barrel out the sides this week.

News on movement!! So the day after I whined about not being able to feel them, I suddenly did. At about three this morning I woke up to them practicing for the circus in there – and it’s a wonderful feeling. I don’t feel it all the time, and its very feint – but I do believe stronger movement will follow soon and will start complaining about never being able to sleep for it.

We also bought our second baby item yesterday (the pram – see my previous blog post for that). I have been itching to get stuck into baby buying – must have something to do with pre-nesting etc, but I have held back because of the lack of space we have in the house. Buying the pram was a great relief for me, just to get started with preparing for the twins.

Jon has also got a little bit of the buying bug now, and started searching think geek for some fun baby gear. He really wants to get a vampire fang dummy for each of the boys – too cute. I am more partial to the n00b baby grows.

Too cute

I don’t have an official belly pic at the moment, but I will take one this eve and post it later.

Oh one other thing! Our minions are definitely, without question and with almost 100% certainty TWO BOYS!

There it is – no question


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