Comparative shopping

OK, so Candice mentioned how surprising it was that buying the pram from Amazon was half to a third the price of buying it locally (for shame, wantitall). We did a bit of scouting around to check out nappy prices, since we expect to be going through about a thousand of them every day. I was expecting the usual: smaller retailers and speciality shops would be slightly expensive, with bigger shops cheaper until you get to Makro where bulk==cheap.

Still some legwork to be done, but we’ve found the exact reverse of what we expected. And a much higher variance. For the record, we compared the same size packs of the same brands – the pattern may not hold for others.

Local toy shop (Reggies) was the cheapest by some margin. Clicks and Pick n Pay ( pharmacy and large retail respectively ) on a par with each other, about 15-20% higher than Reggies. And Game, for all their claims of bulk packs and big savings, was the more expensive by about the same margin – about 25% more than the toy shop.

Big savings, eh? Scumbags, but they’re amateurs really. Watch and learn, Game…

To ship in a bulk order from Amazon, it’d cost just under the local price, assuming they’ll ship here (hey, if they can ship a PRAM, they can ship diapers, right?) and if there are shipping costs it might wipe out that saving. Call it even. But just for a giggle, I checked, which is basically just a local front-end to R2000 vs R360 on Do people seriously fall for this shit? That, for reference, is more than 5x the price of the local toy store, per nappy.


Last year I got the grand tour of a Nampak factory where they make, among other sanitary products, nappies. And a visit to the lab where they test…well…nappiness, I guess. Very interesting indeed. I remember that now because I haven’t really seen their brand of nappy (Cuddlers) anywhere in stores. Will post about the factory at some point: it was fascinating. According to the consumer journos on the tour, Cuddlers are perceived as low-end, but are vastly underrated. Having had the tour, I’d quite like to give them a live trial, but that’s kinda predicated on them being on shelves in the first place.


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