My beauty steals outward

I have not always had the best body image. Some days I loved the way I looked and others I hated it. Growing up among some seriously beautiful people can have that affect on you.

But today, at this very moment in my life, with a waistline of over 100cm, I am more in love with my body than I have ever been. I spend hours admiring my growing tummy in the mirror – carefully scrutinising my still inward pointing belly button – checking for stretchmarks and simply loving that my belly is growing on a daily basis.

I have never before sat with a tape measure hoping that my belly will have grown a few centimetres before. Granted the circumstances are really different, being pregnant and all, but pregnancy or no, feeling this good about yourself is almost as wonderful as the prospect of the children that will come in the next few months.

As the months pass, I get more in love with my body – the way it copes, the way it changes and stretches and the way it moulds itself to fit the two tiny beings inside

So in honour of my amazing body   – here are some long awaited preggie belly pics.

Official 21 week twin belly

Official week 20 twin belly

Official 22 week twin belly

There are so many unpleasant things that people don’t’ tell you about pregnancy until you are pregnant – and I am learning to understand why the negatives are kind of kept under wraps till you actually look for the information.

It’s because the wonderful changes your body makes far outweighs all things that are hard on your body while growing a baby or two. All that takes place while babies grow inside is possibly the most miraculous thing in existence.

Here is an amazing interactive graphic of what happens with all the other organs inside a woman as the pregnancy progresses.


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