Baby monitors

Candice and I wanted to buy baby monitors for the sprogs, because we’re paranoid like that. But at least one friend had a monitor shriek when their child stopped breathing (they resuscitated it successfully, but as horror stories go it’s right up there) and a post by columnist Robert Cringely, who lost a child ten years ago, kinda drove it home.

The trouble is, we want to co-sleep the twins, having them share a cot for at least a few months. We figure that’ll help mentally prepare them for cage-fighting later. But baby monitors of the AngelCare variety don’t work on co-sleeping twins. They use a sensor pad under the mattress to detect (well, undetect, I guess) a lack of movement/breathing, and the pads are sensitive enough that the other twin, at the other end of the bed, will still register as movement.

Not wanting to compromise on monitors OR co-sleeping, we were delighted to discover Snuza, which has the added bonus of being made by a local company, Biosentronics. Yay SA.

The Snuza monitors clip on to each baby’s nappy, and register movement, however slight. Stop moving for 15 seconds, and the soft rubber finger thingy vibrates against the child to stimulate it to move. Five seconds later, if there’s still no movement, it sounds the alarm. Ideal for co-sleeping twins, and with several good reviews (more pertinently, no aghast “Oh God I bought one of these and…” sort of downvotes).

It tells you in the morning whether the vibrate function was needed during the night, too. Very nice all round.

Not easy to find – the usual baby stores don’t stock them, but Dischem does. Cheaper than the pad variety too, especially for multiples.

So that’s one problem solved. Go us.

Snuza Halo


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