Big Bump Theory: The overture

My 23 week twin belly

So I was suitably scolded last week for the crickets on my blog site, and I have resolved to do a massive catch up session on our twin pregnancy since my last post, which was 10 weeks ago (yikes – ok I have been slacking).

So I am putting together the Big Bump series that will detail all of the interesting stuff that has happened over the last few weeks, but not necessarily in chronological order. Plus I will endeavour to give you a few bump pics.

In our defence, Jon and I have had quite a chunk on our plates and time has been limited in many respects – not to mention evenings gripped by some amazing cricket in the IPL.

Here is a start.

On March 20, Jon and I put an offer in on a house. We have been looking on and off for a nice place for just over a year, but we were never really in a big hurry – until we found out about the twins.

The house is amazing, and I am exceptionally excited that the offer was accepted, and all the relevant paper work is under way. But since that day, our lives have been a flurry of admin, hassles and other spanners that could possibly have been avoided.

Our experience of the house buying process so far, is that people are not inclined to do their jobs. It’s a long story, and one I plan on expanding on in a ling winded letter to The Star, but only once all I am safely ensconced in my new home.

Luckily the money grubbing process is almost at an end, and with any luck the house will be registered in our names within the next few months. It’s unlikely that we will be able to move in before the babies are born, but I am not terribly worried about that. We have some room to play with.

My good friend Kerry posted a blog recently on the “soul of a home” which is worth the read. After her thoughtful post, I went through the feelings I have had about the many houses I have visited over the last year. She is completely right, each home has a sense about it that either gels with a personality or doesn’t. I am very happy to say, our new home feels like it an old granny with fabulous tales of happy families that have walked through the doors and funnily enough – Sunday lunch.

The agent’s Web site has made nabbing their pics quite difficult, but I will post some when we move in.

Not long after that, we put the flat on the market, and were exceptionally lucky to have an offer off the bat. So that process has kicked off too. I have loved the flat, but it really is simply too small.

On the upside, all the renovations on the place turned out fabulously. Here are a few pics.


Patio thing


On top of work and all the baby buying, planning and scanning – all that we are able to do at the end of the day is sink into the couch and comment haughtily on the cricket.

Regardless of the difficulties, it has been an exciting time. And if there is one thing that I have learned or rather rediscovered, is that I possibly – no definitely – have the most amazing husband the world could have offered.

Without his calming influence, I think I would have been in the Looney Bin by now. I don’t want to gush too much – but I honestly don’t think I could have managed any of this without his strong support and love. Hot baths with bubbles run for me, massages, and just a simple sounding board when I need to vent – he has been a star.

The best love one could ask for

He has also been the primary baby buyer/researcher over the last few weeks, just take a look at his last post on finding baby monitors – and watch this space for his blog post on buying second hand – a must read for all multiple (and even singleton) parents.

So watch out for some of the exciting tales to come, the first will be about our trip to the UK.


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