Be prepared for anything

Me strapped up to check heart rates of the babies. Will have another tomorrow.

So I am taking a little break from the Big Bump Theory posts, primarily because there is new news that takes precedence over the catch up of our twin pregnancy. If I could go back a few months, the headline of this post would be the best advice I could have given myself.

We have had a picture perfect pregnancy, barring a few hiccups, which really only affected me and not the babies. But every scan has shown perfect healthy boys growing well and doing everything they were supposed to.

We started weekly scans last week (33 weeks) and everything was hunky dory. Both boys weighed in at over 2kgs which was a fantastic milestone for me and we started steroid injections, which was Jon’s best milestone so far. It meant we were on the last stretch of our pregnancy and June was going to bring us boys over 2.6kgs each.

Needless to say we were thrilled.

Yesterday, we went back to the doctor’s for our next round of steroid injections and a quick scan. The news left me dumbstruck. One baby isn’t getting the nutrients required to grow properly and has made very little growth progress over the last week, mostly because the placenta is calcifying and not doing its job properly. The other has shot up to 2.3kgs, getting all the right nutrients.

After a long pep talk from the doctor, we quickly realised that the babies may come earlier than expected. Before yesterday, I was convinced they would stay in there until otherwise directed.

Doctor put me on a scan to make sure both babies were not under any strain and they both have strong healthy heartbeats, so we wait now until tomorrow and have another check-up to see where they are. I am hoping the one twin was just being lazy last week and will have started growing again – which would mean we could push out delivery a little longer.

Machine testing the heart rates

As it is, it looks like we may even deliver as early as Monday – but it depends on how things progress tomorrow.

I have been to multiple birth seminars, I have spoken to a million multiple parents, I have spoken to hundreds of singleton moms, all of whom have had premie babies  – I knew there was a possibility that our boys would come early and yet I still stayed in denial. I never once expected that our boys would be.

Yesterday and today I have been battling with feelings of inadequacy. Was it that glass of wine? Am I too old? Did I not eat properly? Luckily, thanks to another friend of mine, I had access to another twin mom who had her twins at 35 weeks. Her little ones were much smaller than ours at this stage, and it seems that what we are experiencing is particularly common.

If they are born next week, they will be in NICU – which we have been warned can be hard, but also rewarding, especially with twin pregnancies.  So instead of glooming about what could have been, I am looking at researching bottles that avoid nipple confusion, and making sure that I can still breastfeed if they are in incubators.

It’s a little scary and a little exciting all at the same time. But we have to take it one day at a time now. But whatever happens tomorrow – I will be prepared for it – even if its simply emotionally – because I know better now than to be complacent.


4 responses to “Be prepared for anything

  1. Hi Candice and Jon

    Best of luck with this unexpected turn of events. I’m sure the boys will be in perfect shape when they arrive. My husband’s grandson was born at 30 weeks, weighing 1.9kg, and today is a lively, happy almost-4-year-old. You guys are going to be just fine.

    Sending you best wishes and guardian angels

    • Hey Charmain – thanks for the thoughts. We will all be fine, and I am not worried anymore. Its quite normal for twins to come earlier than expected. Hugs and maybe I will even be able to bring them to the next book club – who knows.

      • What a fabulous treat that will be – and nobody is ever too young to be introduced to books!

  2. Hi Candice
    My twins boys were born at 34 weeks. Liam was 1.6kg and Kai 2.5. They were in NICU for 2.5 weeks. It was quite scary in the beginning, but he nurses were FANTASTIC. I learned so much from them. I was able to breasfeed both of them as soon as they removed the feeding tubes, but expressed everyday in order for them to have milk to feed them.
    I made good friends in the NICU, so afterwards at any time of the day or night, I was able to contact them with any questions and concerns I had. So, it all turned out very well.
    If you EVER need advice with sleep training or reflux…. i’m your girl!
    My boys are now 8 months old and we survived. I dont know how, but we did :o)

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