What a twinderful world


Today marks an amazing milestone in our lives with the twins. They will officially have been out in the world for as long as they baked in my belly. They were born at 35 weeks and are now 35 weeks old.

And what a 35 weeks it has been. It was just the other day that I took a pregnancy test to find out it was positive. It was just the other day when the doctor said to us at 3 weeks pregnant “you shouldn’t be able to tell this early that you are pregnant, oh well, at least its not twins”. It was just the other day when he did a scan at 5 weeks that revealed that I was carrying my two angels.

I was on the operating table just yesterday waiting to hear Alex cry, because the doctor said he had come out flat and needed oxygen. That cry was the most memorable of my life.

When I fell pregnant, all my friends told me to treasure every moment, because time with the little ones flies by. I always believed them, but I didn’t realize how quickly the time would slip away.

I am glad for that advice, because I have tried to commit every moment and emotion to memory since the day the boys were born. I remember the first time my mother saw the boys and her face when as she leaned over the tiny bed in ICU to peer at Alex as he slept peacefully with a tube up his nose.

I often think about the tears I shed when they took the feeding tube out Dylan’s nose, because I finally saw his face without the tape and tubes attached. The tears I shed when the same happened with Alex a few days later.

IMG_8377 IMG_8373
I still remember the relief and joy I felt the day we packed the boys in their oversized outfits into the car seats at the hospital.

I remember waking at 1am every night to feed the boys and the relief I felt when they started to skip that feed.

I still remember the day that we had to bring the second cot upstairs because they no longer fit in a single cot.

I have never wished away any of their difficulties or challenges. Not even when I was in crying from exhaustion did I ever dream that they would be bigger or other than anything they are. I have never said: “I can’t wait for…..anything.”


Every moment with my boys has been a treasure, a small gift to make everyday a valuable day.

But I am sure there are many moments which will have slipped from my mind forever. I don’t regret those either, because I know that at some point in the last 35 weeks, those moments will have contributed to who my children are today, and who they will become.

I believe I am doubly lucky. Having the twins has meant that I couldn’t take anything for granted with them, there has been no time. Every smile I see in double, every sound in stereo, every change is in twos, the wonder I feel is so much larger than I ever expected.

Happy 35 weeks my boys. May the next 35 be as amazing as the first. And to Jon, I wouldn’t have made it without you – you are an incredible dad and my love for you grows daily.


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