Outgrowing the gro

Baby clothes

If there is one thing I would share with a new twin mom, or any other mom for that matter, it would be: “You will have too many baby clothes.”

Not to sound ungrateful, because I am exceptionally grateful: but when we had our baby shower, I was marginally disappointed that we didn’t get loads of clothes (we did get a ton of nappies – which we only recently finished and I am now ever so appreciative that we received more nappies and fewer clothes).

At the beginning of our twin journey, I was working on two very inaccurate assumptions: firstly that twins would need double the clothing that a singleton would need and secondly we would need loads of clothing, because babies get messy.

After the shower, I immediately bustled off to Ackermans and bought a ton of baby clothes. I love buying baby clothes – so Jon has to generally keep me out of places that sell them (I spend far too much).

My boys started out in preemie or tiny baby gear, which basically lasted about two weeks. Buying new-born, or 0-3 month sized clothing in bulk was a mistake, because the babies went through these sizes like Jennifer Aniston does boyfriends. I just blinked and we needed to buy the next size up.

Fortunately the pace slowed a little by the time we hit the 3-6 month range, but it didn’t stop altogether and we suddenly need the 6-12 month outfits.

Needless to say, all the baby clothes I had for the boys meant that we could keep nothing else in their room – we were practically swimming in the cutest baby gear.

After several weeks of my hubby nagging, I finally got around to sorting out what they still fit into and what they don’t. I packed up two black bags of items that they no longer fit into and they have been given to a friend who is expecting a baby boy any time now. I must admit, it was really hard to put some items into that bag, and the outfits that we brought the boys home in I stashed for posterity’s sake. But for most of the items I shed a quiet tear and stuffed it in the bag.


The outfits that were hardest to give away

I was astounded to find that at least 30% of the clothing we had for the boys still had tags on – never been worn.

My two assumptions about how many outfits we needed for the boy obliterated in the half an hour it took me to sort the clothes.

Firstly, if you are as lucky as we are to have a full time nanny that takes responsibility for all the baby stuff, you don’t need nearly as many outfits as you think you do, especially if washing gets done every other day.

Many twin moms I know have helpers, or do washing regularly as we do – probably more so than moms with singletons. So you effectively need the same or maybe a few more items of clothing as a singleton baby would wear. I guess if you don’t have the luxury of a helper, you made need a few more items to save you washing time, but I can assure you, you have far more than you need.

The second assumption I made was partially true. Babies do get messy, but between new-born and the 8 months my boys are now, not messy enough to warrant a complete outfit change during the middle of the day. And lets face it, if mom can wonder around shops with pumpkin on her shirt, then the boys can live with the tiny blob of pears that got past the bib until bath time.

Jon and I have decided that we are going to keep the boy’s wardrobe down to a minimum (there go my baby shopping sprees) to prevent a repeat of finding unworn outfits three months from now.

Whether or not I manage to keep my debit card in my pocket the next time I wonder through Woollies  remains to be seen, but the principle stands.


3 responses to “Outgrowing the gro

  1. Just saw the classic scene in “Lady and the Tramp” where the scot-terrier explains to Lady her owners are having a baby. “Well…. an’ they’rr verrrry expensive!” Clothes, in the scale of things, are a harmless expense. And now you’re a hero to your friend with your donation.
    My daughter nearly came at 5 months, so my lovely wife stocked up on zero-size outfits. A day after full term we induced an 8.5 pounder! Off to charity…

  2. I can only hope there is a special place in hell reserved for manufacturers who make clothes with neck holes too small for babies’ heads. I mean really.

  3. I have 3 month old boy/girl twins and have been blessed with meeting another mom of twins a few months older. She has passed on their clothes once they’ve outgrown them. We’ve had more than enough clothes. I’ve bought just a few holiday outfits.for them. They really don’t wear as much as I anticipated!

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