Party planning


I used to look scornfully on parents that went all out for their babies’ first birthdays, putting all that effort into a party that the children won’t remember really didn’t make any sense to me.

But I suddenly understand it. The first birthday isn’t for the babies; it’s for the parents.

For Jon and I, this birthday, which is going to happen in just under three months, is probably going to be one of our biggest milestones.

While I have no doubt the boys will have a blast on the day, I don’t think they will remember it.

But Jon and I will.

For us, it makes all those sleepless nights and hard times worth every second that they cost. It has been a tough year, and a wonderful year, and this birthday just puts pay to all the hard work we have put into shaping our boys for the future.

I am looking forward to sharing that milestone with friends and family. Because what better way to celebrate the family you are shaping than with the people that helped shape you.

I can’t believe its already a year since we heard their first cries; a year since we waited in ICU for the moment they would take a bottle; a year since we packed them in orange and yellow outfits into the car seats to take them home.

So while its still early, Jon and I have started planning the party for the boys.

We have been reading the Dr Seuss stories to the boys over the last few weeks and those stories have become very special to us as a family. That is why we have chosen the theme of Dr Seuss for the party. It doesn’t hurt that we can dress the boys up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 and get Jon a Cat in the Hat hat. I think I may have to be a Lorax tree…

We chatted about whether to get one or two cakes for the boys, because if there is one thing we want for our boys is never to have to “share” their birthday. While we can’t get around the day, we can always give them their own birthday party. So initially, we settled on two cakes, but I think it might be better if we do cupcakes and separate them into two towers.

We can do all the Dr Seuss characters on cupcakes. Some with Thing 1 and Thing 2, some little hats, some with stars and some without, some with One Fish and some with Two Fish.


At this point, the party will happen in our garden. It will be winter, but I am hoping it will still be warm enough to have an outside shindig. Our little patio is ideal for the party favours and a layout of stunning goodies to eat and drink.

I will also be making party hats for everyone – so those that don’t want to dress up can still be part of the fun.

I found this fantastic blog by a mom that made the blue hair for her little ones, and I plan on thieving that idea to make the boy’s costumes. I do need a couple of red onsies and have Thing 1 and Thing 2 printed on them. Luckily there is a printer near Jon’s office that does that kind of thing, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I am hoping to get those outfits done soon, so that we can do a photo shoot with the boys for the invitations.

So any ideas for decorations or food would be welcome. I will keep updating with all the ideas as they come up.


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