Guest post: 30 going on 31

New York

New York

So I am posting a piece written by a colleague of mine, Megs. I decided to post this, because this is exactly how I felt when I turned 30, young single, independent and ready to take on the world. It’s a reminder that no matter who you are, or where you are in your life, you need to suck the marrow. Enjoy!

On the brink of my 31st birthday I look back over the last year, reviewing and reconciling all of the growth that I have undergone, the lessons learnt and the love that I was lucky enough to have experienced. So much has happened! Some dreams came true and others… sadly did not.

But all in all I would not change a single decision, including the ones made while having consumed copious amounts of champagne and drunk texting an ex love to politely tell him to ‘fuck off, fuck off, stay away from me!’.  Hey, it’s not my proudest moment but I have always been a girl who speaks her mind and that Friday night I had something to say and the recipient well deserved my final comeback! Needless to say the boy in question actually sparked this retrospective look at this introductory year into my 30’s.

I will bare it all…The good, the bad and the beautiful (because I don’t do ugly).

But let’s go back to the start of this monumental year. It all began with a plane ticket to a fabulous city, an empty suitcase, a heart filled with hope and my 2 best pals alongside for the ride.

New York City was a dream come true, I couldn’t have picked a more spectacular city to ring in my 30th. From silent birthday wishes made atop the Empire State Building, a trip to New Jersey for a pair of ‘must have’ black leather boots (a pair that I had pre-ordered before I left SA) and birthday cupcakes with John Mayer in the park! It was magical. And so began my greatest love affair, I had fallen head over feet for Manhattan. We don’t get to see each other as much as we like but we have a date planned next year and I cannot wait! Oh yes, and just so you know it is still my most fulfilling relationship to date.

Coming back from New York I was on a high. I was happy. I was complete. And the best part I was a single girl living her best life in a city that she adored.  I had plenty of dinner dates to keep me from getting bored but none of them really interested me for very long. Something was always missing.

That is until I met B. He took me by complete surprise. Handsome, intelligent and Oh So Sexy! The chemistry between was electric. I was completely and utterly attracted to him. It was good. It was uncomplicated. Sadly we didn’t work out. Yeah, I know but there were cracks, hence the drunken text mentioned above! He is a fantastic guy though we just weren’t the right fit. I still think of him and I wish him a lifetime of love and happiness.

As I type this, I still am a happy single girl who adores her city. I have a job that I love, enough money to support my shoe fetish.  I am complete. I realized a while ago that I don’t need a man in my life to make my dreams come true. I can do that all on my own.
So I have finally arrived at the purpose of this encomium – to share what I have learnt so far… so listen up 😉

Every woman should own a red dress – even if she wears it just for herself nothing will make her feel more beautiful, together and invincible.

Have the courage to tell your love interest how you really feel – the act alone will be liberating. I realize this more now than ever, life is about taking chances. It might work out or it might not but at least then you will know because a life of ‘what if’s’ is one that is not worth living.

Laugh the loudest, sing at the top of your voice, forget everything and dance like you did when you were a little girl with pigtails.

Believe in yourself, love yourself remember you are your own biggest supporter and that self-confidence is the most attractive trait. There is nothing more stunning than a woman who knows her worth.

Surround yourself with people with whom you can be yourself, people who genuinely love and appreciate you, and people who you know will pick you up off that floor, dust you off and mix you that cocktail. I am lucky enough to have such a group. They are my biggest treasure and I hope I never lose them because if I do I know I will lose my way.

Learn to let go of the past – the future is always brighter when you have hope in your heart and a wish on your lips. Whatever will be will be ladies! You can’t change past mistakes but you can sure learn from them and definitely not repeat them – no matter how cute he is!

And yes, as this year comes to a close I feel wiser, stronger and more beautiful than ever before. I come from a long line of strong, intelligent women. I am genetically destined for greatness! I look forward to this New Year with all it has to offer… The good, the bad and the beautiful!

So look out world, I’m a coming

A piece written by Meg Pillay, age 30.

Image by: joiseyshowaa



One response to “Guest post: 30 going on 31

  1. Lovely post, sounds like a great place to be when turning the big 3-0. I unfortunately had a bad 30th, but made it up for my 31st, in about a month I’ll be 32… each year keeps getting better.
    Happy Birthday, Meg!

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